Ryan Martin Young is a freelance model and prop creator. Having graduated from BA(Hons) Modelmaking at The Arts University Bournemouth, Ryan is well practiced in a wide variety of both traditional and contemporary design and craft techniques. Following an array of projects revolving around character design, sculpture and props, Ryan has gained experience and knowledge in fundamental construction, mould making and casting based projects but also found himself working in a contemporary digital medium, of which he has gained skills in multiple software and 3d printing. It is the ongoing desire to create that fuels a passionate and hardworking freelance modelmaker, making him a versatile member of any team.

Working Between West London and Nottingham since graduation Ryan has worked within Shepperton, Longcross and Pinewood studios on multiple productions and is always eager to take on creative new projects as a freelance modelmaker. Ryan Martin Young - Model and Prop Creations - About